Agent Zero Spy Thriller Bundle: Recall Zero (#6) and Assassin Zero (#7)

Author : Jack Mars

Publisher : Jack Mars

ISBN : 1230004031987




About Agent Zero Spy Thriller Bundle: Recall Zero (#6) and Assassin Zero (#7)

A bundle of books #6 (RECALL ZERO) and #7 (ASSASSIN ZERO) in Jack Mars’s Agent Zero Spy Thriller series—a bestseller! This bundle offers books six and seven in one convenient file, with over 150,000 words of reading.

In RECALL ZERO (Book #6), the President’s translator is the only one privy to a secret conversation that can change the world. She is targeted for assassination and hunted down, and Agent Zero, called back into the line of duty, may just be the only one who can save her. Agent Zero, trying to get his life back in order and to win back the trust of his girls, vows not to return to service. But when he is needed to save the life of this defenseless translator, he can’t say no. Yet the translator, he realizes, is as intriguing as the secrets she keeps, and Zero, on the run with her, just might be falling for her. What secret is she keeping? Why are the most powerful organizations in the world trying to kill her for it? And will Zero be able to save her in time?

In ASSASSIN ZERO (Book #7) when a mysterious ultrasonic weapon attack may be the preamble to something greater, Agent Zero sets off on a global manhunt to stop the ultimate devastation before it is too late. Agent Zero, trying to come up for air on the heels of the President’s impeachment and Sarah’s close brush with danger, wants to retire from the service and try to get his family back together. But fate has other choices for him. With the safety of the world at stake, Zero knows he must follow the call to duty. Yet his memories are shifting, and with it, new secrets are flooding back. Tormented, at his low point, Agent Zero may be able to save the world—but he may not be able to escape from himself.

Book #8 in the series, DECOY ZERO is also now available!