The Edge of Lost

Author : Kristina McMorris

Publisher : Kensington Books

ISBN : 9780758281197




About The Edge of Lost

A boy’s life from Ireland to Alcatraz “makes for compulsive reading” in this New York Times bestselling historical novel by the author of Sold on a Monday (Publishers Weekly).

Alcatraz, 1937. A prison guard’s only daughter—one of the youngest civilians who lives on the island—has gone missing. Tending the warden’s greenhouse, convicted bank robber Tommy Capello waits anxiously. Only he knows the truth about the little girl’s whereabouts, and that both of their lives depend on what happens next.

Almost two decades earlier and thousands of miles away, a young boy named Shanley Keagan ekes out a living as an aspiring vaudevillian in Dublin pubs. Talented and shrewd, Shan dreams of finding his real father in America. But when he finally crosses the Atlantic, tragedy strikes, and Shan must forge a new life in a volatile and foreign world.

Skillfully weaving these two stories, acclaimed author Kristina McMorris delivers a compelling novel that moves from Ireland to New York to San Francisco Bay. As her finely crafted characters discover the true nature of loyalty, sacrifice, and betrayal, they are forced to confront the lies we tell—and believe—in order to survive.

“Will grab your heart on page one and won’t let go until the end.”Sara Gruen, #1 New York Times bestselling author of Water for Elephants

The Edge of Lost Review

1919 Dublin, a bad time in Irish history, the war of Independence from the British has begun. Poverty is at many people’s doorstep. Shanley (Shan) Keagan after the death of his mother and father where he enjoyed a relatively good life now finds himself in the care of a drunken uncle, Uncle Will, where he now endures poverty and beatings just to ensure that he isn’t sent to an orphanage, where he would at his age be indentured most probably into child labour. The money left to him from his mother has long gone on booze and to earn a few pennies he performs at local pubs. However, to this young lad’s advantage he has the gift of a performer, can sing a rendition of just about any song, mimic other people, the English voice, in slandering, a favourite amongst the Irish pub clientele (using the word loosely) and at just twelve years old Shan is almost a seasoned performer. This is a story of endurance, Shanley and his Uncle immigrate to USA. Shan hoping to track down his natural father, an American sailor. His Uncle dies on the voyage leaving Shan in a terrible predicament. However, his fortunes improve and he is unofficially adopted by an Italian family. As an adult Shan (nee Tommy) has more lives than a cat.

Loved the main character and all his adventures and predicaments. The story covered a lot of ground but managed to keep you invested. Great ending full of hope.

Very good book, great well defined characters. This is the third book I’ve read by this author and she doesn’t disappoint.

Engaging characters keep you entralled from the first chapter.

history from Ireland to USA. A well written entertaining & enjoyable story

A really great read. I didn’t see the ending coming

Great story, excellent research. Boy with nothing becomes a man with some roadblocks, and lovely twist at the end. I would have liked for Shan to be a bit more proactive now and again, but I guess that’s not the personality that works for the story.

I enjoyed the whole story of this journey, but the ending was to corney considering the amount of research spent in getting there,

An historical fiction that takes place in Ireland during a potato famine, in New York, during the stockmarket crash and prohibition, in San Francisco, while the most legiondary American criminals were held at Alcatraz, and one man’s journey through it all.

Loved all the background information. Certainly contributed to my interests. The story was very intriguing as well as very heartbreaking. The ending was just what I wanted.

Lots of twists and turns with characters who are truly believable, I highly recommend this as a great read

I enjoyed reading this book. It ended abruptly but with a sense of good!

A well written book. It kept me reading late into the night.

I couldn’t put it down. It kept me on the edge of my seat. Enjoyed it so much looking for another book by same author

Incredible story of fear,hope, pain and suffering. Surprising what resilience people can have.

This book was so well written I was unable to put it down. I felt a deep connection with each and every character which created a roller coaster of emotions! It was a treasure to read and I can’t wait to dive into Ms. McMorris’ other books.

I loved this story. There was an amazing twist half way through the story and then another twist a few more chapters on which made it difficult to stop reading. Totally recommend this book

Not my usual fare, but like the author I’ve know lots of Irish folk and even a good few Italians so I got carried along in the story real easy. Bit of the Mafia, lots of the Irish rogue and 2 maybe 3 unexpected twists at the end, well done!

An original plot that kept me intrigued through every chapter of the main character’s epic life.

This was a well written story, encompassing intrigue, love of family, and determination. The characters were portrayed in such a way that we could see inside their very souls. The ending brought the plot full circle, and was most satisfying.

This author’s style resembles Jeffery Archer. A well crafted and very readable story that was well researched.

The author entwined a few storylines, which on the surface, would seem to be unrelated. The tale of a young Irish lad and his trials and tribulations as he strives to improve his lot and be accepted into his “adopted” family.

Loved the main character and yhe development. Great story

Very well written…. great story! The many twists and turns make the story pleasantly unpredictable.

What can I say besides the fact that this book draws you in so you are routing for Shan everyday. It was a long book which I liked the most.

It was an easy road, unfortunately I didn’t love it but I enjoyed the story line. The writing was great and easy to follow. All the characters were easy to remember.

Glad it had a happy ending — it could so easily have gone in a different direction. Wonder what happened to Sadie…

This book has some very interesting twists. It has been well written and follows a good timeline. I recommend this book as a good read. I didn’t find myself able to predict the outcome of the major events which is a good reason to keep reading.

If this story was to be about the families on Alcatraz as the author claims (post notes) , the author should have stuck to that. Shan’s misadventures and bad luck were riddled with ‘plot holes’; they sounded like nothing more than silly made up stories that did not make sense. The whole bank robbery scene and outcome was ridiculous (and even more so later) as was conveniently meeting the family on Ellis Island (yawn) and ‘the bad luck’ looking for his father. I couldn’t wait to be done, but not in a good way, sorry to say.

I loved this story! The story line flowed through the book.

Like many others, I literally couldn’t put the book down until I got to the end. It wa1s delightful all the way. 5 stars.

The story is interesting enough if a little too fanciful at times but the grammar and language lets it down badly. I am determined to read to the end but struggle. It makes me cross to see obvious mistakes. A decent editor should have spotted these. Can’t believe it has such a good rating.

This story crossed so many paths , history, and a young boy’s survival into endurance as a man with empathy.

Great story telling and it often kept me up later than I wanted most nights! I love the historical fiction aspect – grwat read.

This book had me from the start. The way the author told Shans story really captures you from the beginning and you are not wanting to put it down until you see his story out. I loved this book!!!!

I absolutely loved this book! It will definitely be a reread and a recommended book in the next few years. My only worry now is finding another one I will enjoy as much.

Full of drama, twists and turns, excellent read, set in Ireland and America about a mans struggle to survive and prosper against all the odds. It is interesting from start to finish, never boring, and keeps the reader wanting to find out more. I like a book that gets on with the story, this does. Loved it.

What an amazing story. Enjoyed reading it very much. Recommend highly. What are great ending. Loved it.

I was surprised at how much enjoyed this book. I will be reading more by Kristina McMorris. i recommend it.

I loved this story and how it connected so many people but not directly! It covered a big time frame and was interesting to read about different time periods and how different people lived in them.

Accurate and broad in historic detail; a story that will grip you and carry you on a ride with many turns you won’t see coming. This is a wonderful, at times gripping and heart pounding, adventure ride of a story.

I felt the story took forever to get going. Got bored midway and gave up .

The protagonist’s story is extremely well told! The character development of all the characters incites emotion from the reader. Author does an amazing job of representing historical details- I felt like I was really there. Great read!

I don’t usually read books that deal with crime but this book was a great read. A story of a young boy growing up in poverty and the choices he made in order to survive was engaging and kept me moving chapter after chapter. The ending was the best.

A great adventure with twists and turns that pull on your heart strings. I just had to keep reading this one and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Enjoyed it immensely and was disappointed when it ended. Would very happily have continued the journey with the complicated but delightful characters. Good plot, well written and surprising.

This book has been one of my favorite reads to date. I love the historical facts. Makes it feel more real. And the changes of plot kept me guessing and intrigued through the entire story.

I enjoyed this story because of all the events that the main character achieved.Whenhe gave up hope on one end another door opened up .he went through so much in his life I was relieved that he found what he started out for at the end.

A page-turner indeed. Quite a story and very well written.

Interesting read, still not sure just how very much I enjoyed but definitely recommend to find out for yourself.

Loved the characters and the story. Solid book, very satisfying read. Just a good, good story. Will read more from this author.

Was a very very good read…loved the kept the story moving along quickly..did not fill the pages with rhetoric… best book I have read in a while…..hope she wrote more than this

Very well written, love the main characters. Makes you think, ” what would you do” if presented situation and circumstances!

A book that has to be finished. Many interesting surprising twists. The perfect ending that makes me want to read more of this Author’s work.

I enjoyed reading this story. It was very interesting to read on my spare time; to and from work. By reading it, you don’t know how it was going to end. It had a good ending. Recommend this book for others to read.

This was a book of adventures,, suspense showing the endurence of hope and caring in the human spirit.

Compassionate and compelling tale of a life journey. From beginning to end the reader is taken on a ride of love and loss, of survival and relationships through the coming of age of a talented, resilient young man who reinvents himself to adapt to what life presents him.

When we meet the main character, Shan, he is in a compromising position – awaiting escape from prison, while a search party does it job… Flash back to a young boy in Ireland, preparing for travel to America, and tragedy that happens along the way. He meets up with a family who bring him under their wing – never feeling like he belongs… he is a lost boy, at a harsh time in America (prohibition). (Trying hard not to spoil the plot in this review…) A story of loss, grief, friendship, family and love. As I became empathetic to Shan, I was disturbed by the opening scene and was rewarded at the end… things are NEVER what they seem. BRAVO!

McMorris gently guides you though a story of love and commitment. Leaving me to reflect on some historical events with new understandings

I love when I begin reading a book where the author weaves such a good story that I cannot help but find myself completely immersed. That’s how it was with this book. I purchased it because it sounded like it could be good, and I was not disappointed. The characters were believable and the descriptions easy to imagine. It was a story of love, family and the need to belong, and I couldn’t put it down! I will definitely look for other books by this author.

Really enjoyed this book. It’s been a while since I’ve found a book that could keep my attention the entire way.

This book was very descriptive,intresting,amazing,and it was like a inside scoop almost of the falsly accused,what they are goi g through and everything. There are so man unexpected turns of events. Totally a recommendation. It makes you see the world from a different perspective than the one your used to.

A interesting story, one you didnt want to -put down leaving all else on hold. I will read it again,thank you.

I really like how true to history this story was. The story seemed to loose pace a little in the middle of the book and it would have been nice to see some of the relationships developed a little more. Overall it was a nice read.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was different and exceedingly interesting. Great read . Hope you enjoy it as much as I did

The Edge of Lost by Kristina McMorris is an interesting historical novel. The novel begins on Alcatraz Island with Inmate 257, Tommy Capello, trying to escape and hoping they do not find lost little girl of one of the guards. Then the novel goes to 1919 to begin the story. Shanley Keagan is twelve years old in and lives in Dublin, Ireland. He is an orphan at the mercy of his Uncle William O’Mara. Shan is good at impressions, acting, singing, and comedic routines. His uncle books him into various venues to earn money (which the uncle spends). Shan discovers that his biological father was an American sailor named John S. Lewis. Shan wants to go to America to look for him and works at convincing his uncle that it would be a good opportunity for them. After a bout of sickness, his uncle agrees to go. Upon arriving in New York at Ellis Island, Uncle Will is dead in his bunk. Shan does not want to be sent back to Ireland. He had rescued Tony Capello from some bullies on the ship, and he is hoping Tony can help him get into America. The Capello family agree to let Shan pretend to be their deceased. The Capello’s take Shan into their home and he has a good home for the first time in years. Shan goes on a search for his father while forging a new life for himself in America. Find out what happens to Tommy Capello and Shan Keagan in The Edge of Lost. The Edge of Lost is an intriguing novel. I was not sure I would like this novel (I usually do not read books with a male main character), but this novel captured my interest right from the start. There are a couple of slow areas, but overall an enjoyable novel. There is some violence and foul language in the book (as well as sex). The story takes us through the 1920s and we get to experience bootlegging, speakeasies, and boys growing up into men (and the choices they make). The Edge of Lost is well written (the author did a good job showing us New York in the 1920s). The writer takes us from Ireland to New York (provides great descriptions). I liked the authors writing style and how she wove the story together. The Edge of Lost has an enjoyable ending that will leave you smiling. I give The Edge of Lost 4 out of 5 stars. I received a complimentary copy of The Edge of Lost from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

The Edge of Lost by Kristina McMorris Kristina McMorris’s latest is a coming of age, coming home again poignant literary masterpiece. Her sometimes dark and very emotionally demanding read moves seamlessly from post WWI through the decadent roaring twenties right up to pre WWII. She shows off her extensive research while taking readers on an intense journey of self-discovery encompassing two continents and realistically depicting the ups and downs of life as an American immigrant. Although she has one main star everyone of her amazing characters are award worthy and none will soon be forgotten. The several OMG plot shocks and the fundamental decency her star kept through all his trials are but a few of the incredible things that make this novel a must read for your keeper shelf! 1919 Ireland is war ravaged, still recovering from the influenza epidemic, plus about to embark on yet another battle with Brittan. It’s where we find young orphan Shan Keegan performing vaudevillian acts to earn his keep with his abusive, abrasive Uncle. When Shan discovers that in America performers are getting rich for what he’s doing here for his supper it doesn’t take much to convince his greedy uncle to head across the sea. When his uncle dies during the crossing from a long ailing condition Shan doesn’t know how he’ll get through immigration until he’s offered refuge with the family of an Italian boy he helped while aboard ship. And so once again orphaned but not alone, with little to his name but still hopeful Shan sets out for a new life in America. But Shan has another personal reason for coming to America, to find his birth father and although he’s only armed with a name and the facts that he’s a musician and in the US Navy he’s determined to find him. He just doesn’t realize just how bumpy his road will be to get there.