Transcendence and Rebellion

Author : Michael G. Manning

Publisher : Michael G. Manning

ISBN : 9781943481286




About Transcendence and Rebellion

The world is on the cusp of destruction as Mordecai’s power grows beyond the limits of his own control, yet most of the powers that rule the world are oblivious. The only hope of salvaging their civilization lies with his children, but they have been scattered and branded outlaws. Meanwhile Tyrion continues to march toward his own goals, heedless of whether they will help or harm their efforts to stop the apocalypse, as even the Queen begins to doubt the archmage’s sanity.

Mordecai is trapped by his own strength, a power too great to wield. Can his children stop the end of everything, even if it means sacrificing their father?

Transcendence and Rebellion Review

A wonderful tale. All the books combined creating worlds of experiance. I wish it could continue, awesome way to end it though.