Whom Shall I Marry... An Earl or A Duke?

Author : Laura A. Barnes

Publisher : Laura A. Barnes

ISBN : 1230003312025




About Whom Shall I Marry… An Earl or A Duke?

***An afternoon spent in disguise leads to a passion that …

She wanted to explore the promise of his kiss. He wanted to persuade her to become his mistress. Will a case of mistaken identity lead to a marriage of love?***

While trying to prevent her friend from a scandal Sophia Turlington becomes entangled in her own. As she waits for her friend in a brothel, a duke mistakes her for a harlot. When he requests an arrangement, Sophia decides to explore the passion he awakens in her soul. Her only stipulations for the affair are a mask, one week, and he must never discover her true identity. Can Sophia give him her heart and walk away as if their time never affected her?

Alexander Langley’s life as a prominent duke will soon come to an end unless he can acquire a duchess whose family can support him through a scandal. When he meets a violet-eyed temptress that awakens his every desire his search comes to a halt. As they explore their passion, he loses his heart to a woman he can never marry. Will Alex put aside his status in the ton for a love to last a lifetime?

Throughout the season Lady Sophia Turlington and Alexander Langley, the Duke of Sheffield’s dislike for one another is known to all. A chance encounter throws them together as Alex and ‘Violet’. After their time ends, Sophia wants Alex to see her for herself. If not, then she might as well accept her friend’s marriage proposal. Can Alex overcome Sophia’s deceit? Or will his need for revenge destroy the love she holds for him?

***Whom Shall I Marry… An Earl or A Duke? is the second novel in Laura A. Barnes’s steamy historical romance series. If you enjoy a story filled with passion and secrets set in Regency England, then you must read Sophia and Alex’s journey toward love.

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Whom Shall I Marry… An Earl or A Duke? Review

Two people who do not like each other find that things are not what they seem. I loved Sophia and how she put herself out for her friends. Alex was more self-centered, but I enjoyed his turn around. With all the scheming going on, it was fun to see where everyone would end up. The scenes between Alex and Sophia were hot. I recommend this story. I received a copy of this story through Goddess Fish Promotions, and this is my unsolicited review.

Whom Shall I Marry.. An Earl or a Duke? Is that a rhetorical question? When the man is Alexander Langley, the Duke of Sheffield, I think the choice is already made! That is if he asks her when he finds out who she was pretending to be in those passionate moments. When Lady Sophia Turlington, hidden behind a mask, was in a brothel waiting for her friend Lady Sydney to secretly meet Alex’s friend, who should come into the room? Oh yes Alexander himself who she despised with a passion. What happens next is a surprise to both of them! Alex is mesmerized by the courtesian with the beautiful violet eyes who will not speak, but he is drawn to her so strongly. Phee is shocked when he comes to kiss her and the sparks begin to fly, oh yes…He does not know who she is and she gets carried away… But what can come of it? Laura Barnes has written a spellbinding story that pulled me into with her wonderful characters who just could not resist their attraction. Their’s was a meeting of the heart that knew what it wanted and could not help but try to bind them. But what will happen when Alex finds out she is Sophia? They had been social enemies and always at opposite sides of every discussion. This story had a little of everything to make it a must read! Cannot wait for the next story by this author!

I found this book to be a very enjoyable and entertaining read with the well written storyline and characters that were written with such great detail and depth that I was totally enthralled throughout the entire book!

I had such fun reading this witty romance. The characters were terrific I love rule breaker. This was a steamy story some marvelous chemistry. There were some wonderful twists their first meeting was great reading. I highly recommend! I did receive a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.